PMRis: Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Independent Services, SC
What is PMR ?

PHYSICAL MEDICINE REHABILITATION is the medical specialty which treats each individual patient from the viewpoint of how their health problem affects that patient's daily functions.  Examples of what daily functions are most important depend on that individual's normal daily activities as well as their specific health problem.

For a construction worker with back pain, it may be managing their pain sufficiently to allow them to continue to earn an income by working at their job.

For a person who is paralyzed after a stroke, it may be improving their strength and balance so they can safely walk without assistance.

For a person with leftover painful neck spasms and headaches following a motor vehicle accident, it may be reducing their discomfort sufficiently to allow them to more comfortably sit and drive.

For a computer worker with persisting pain and tingling in their hand, it may be to diagnose and relieve their discomfort to allow them to continue their keyboarding activity.   

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